wonder woman

Want To Win a Six Pack?

I’m not talking about this kind of six pack, I’m afraid: Or even this: (Mmmm… Guinness…) I’m giving away a six pack of comics. Brand new, all #1 issues from […]

Wonder Kaz: A story in photos

I must be the luckiest Kaz in the world, because this is the sort of thing my friends do for me. Urban Fantasy author, Devon Monk (check out her work […]

Blogging #fail

Okay, so I know I’m supposed to be blogging more regularly, but we all knew what a recipe for disaster saying something like that was! 😉 I seem to be […]

In Which Kaz is Tired (and random)

I am so tired today, but I also realised that I haven’t posted since last Friday when I kicked off the Spring into Summer writing ‘thing’… You only have a […]

Just a few updates...

First of all, thanks so much for sharing my happiness over The Wood Queen‘s cover. It was lovely to hear what everyone had to say, and I do intend to […]