the stone demon

You put your washing in the oven and the pizza in the washing machine. Seriously. Oh, how we laughed… *grits teeth* I know I’m supposed to be blogging more rather […]

I’m back! Okay, you probably didn’t really notice I’d gone, what with the whole lack-of-blogging-thing becoming something of a habit. However. I am going to try to get back to […]

No, I’m not on some kind of action-adventure holiday. Mine is only a metaphorical cave (of the Revision variety), in case you were wondering why it’s been extra quiet around […]

I thought we should have the ‘logo’ extra big, just to celebrate the fact that it is DONE!! We finished #SpringKazNo and today (1st May) is the start of a […]

Sorry I’m a day late posting the weekly update. Hey, at least I managed to reply to all the comments from last weekend. I must be getting better at this… […]