The Friday Five!

1. Housekeeping (sort of) note: I won’t be doing a check-in post this weekend for #SpringKazNo because… it’s our very last day on MONDAY! Can you believe that? (I actually […]

Sorry I’m a day late posting the weekly update. Hey, at least I managed to reply to all the comments from last weekend. I must be getting better at this… […]

Friday Five: Stuff & Nonsense

Randomness is my name! This is mostly ‘housekeeping’ kinda stuff: 1) Amazingly enough I have been a productive Kaz this past week. First of all, I’ve sent out pretty much […]

SpringKazNo: Check-in #2

I’m still having trouble keeping up with things, but I’m determined to improve on that next week. Sorry I’ve not been more present for KazNo this year, but I promise […]

Friday Five: Bookish 5

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that wasn’t related to #SpringKazNo. Before we move onto today’s Friday Five, I should apologise for not putting up the […]