good news

Falling to Ash: Cover!

You’ll have to excuse me not posting winners to the Friends With Boys giveaway (which I totally intended to do today), but look what I have! This is the almost […]

In Which Kaz Writes a Comic Book

So, that Sekrit Project I keep mentioning? It’s looking pretty positive. Here is Rob Curley’s announcement on Twitter: It’s true! I’m writing a comic book script for one issue of […]

YALITCHAT Anthology!

I’m really excited and proud to announce that I’ve been invited to write a story for a charity ebook anthology put together by and on behalf of the YALITCHAT community […]

Moth News & Updates

The Novel So, I have news to share! I can finally reveal that the new title of Moth’s novel (which was previously going to be BEAUTIFUL GHOSTS) is now… FALLING […]

I know I already talked about this, but now that the notice is in Publishers Marketplace I feel like it’s really REAL. You know? Here is the deal announcement for […]