geeky kaz

So many 'firsts'

You might think that once you have an agent and a book deal; once you’ve written a sequel for the first time; once you’ve published more than one book; done […]

What I did on Saturday

Here are a couple of photographs from my day off on Saturday: Liz and Clair both work at my friendly neighborhood comic shop, Orbital Comics. I also met this guy: […]

In Which Kaz Writes a Comic Book

So, that Sekrit Project I keep mentioning? It’s looking pretty positive. Here is Rob Curley’s announcement on Twitter: It’s true! I’m writing a comic book script for one issue of […]

Wonder Kaz: A story in photos

I must be the luckiest Kaz in the world, because this is the sort of thing my friends do for me. Urban Fantasy author, Devon Monk (check out her work […]

SOR: The SORdid Truth

So. Lots of people* have been asking me about what this Sekrit Project is that I’m working on. First of all, let me reassure you: it is nothing under contract, […]