falling to ash

You put your washing in the oven and the pizza in the washing machine. Seriously. Oh, how we laughed… *grits teeth* I know I’m supposed to be blogging more rather […]

I’m back! Okay, you probably didn’t really notice I’d gone, what with the whole lack-of-blogging-thing becoming something of a habit. However. I am going to try to get back to […]

Falling to Ash: Cover!

You’ll have to excuse me not posting winners to the Friends With Boys giveaway (which I totally intended to do today), but look what I have! This is the almost […]

On revising: Falling to Ash

By now, I should have finished with the latest round of revisions on Moth’s book, Falling to Ash. I have not. Luckily, my editor is made of awesome and there […]