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Friday Five: Stuff & Nonsense

Randomness is my name! This is mostly ‘housekeeping’ kinda stuff: 1) Amazingly enough I have been a productive Kaz this past week. First of all, I’ve sent out pretty much […]

5 things on a Monday

1. Smuggled! Don’t forget to enter The Book Smugglers’ giveaway for The Wood Queen. You can choose whichever edition you like best, if you win. (You can also ask me […]

Weekend Randomness

Handed in my copyedits (The Wood Queen) yesterday – on time (yay!) – but I’ll be getting electronic proofs back as soon as Thursday because of it all being a […]

Sarah Michelle Gellar will soon be back on TV, and I for one cannot wait! Ringer actually looks pretty good, and it certainly has a cool concept with some excellent […]

One of the best fan-made trailers I have ever seen, this is almost 4 minutes but worth every second. Brilliantly put together by carsmellborp, it actually made me want to […]