Beautiful Moth art...

Image © C. Ellis Here’s some gorgeous (AMAZINGLY gorgeous!) fanart that C. Ellis did of Moth. How incredibly cool is this? I’m so lucky! I did commission a friend to […]

First post of 2012...

…and I am rambling on about Goals and Dreams over at the Deadline Dames. Please head over and leave a comment, letting us know one or two of your own. […]

Farewell 2011, Greetings 2012!

And so, the end is near… The end of another year I mean, nothing more dramatic than that. 😉 I always feel like I should say something Very Important and […]

Merry, Merry!

Wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS (and if you celebrate Christmas, have a particularly fine and merry one!). Thank you for coming by the blog and chatting with me during 2011, […]

This and That

“A Cup of Fire-Breathing Dragon” © Jennifer Robblee It’s been a while since I did a general Update of Random Stuff. I am pretty exhausted, so it it will be […]