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Friday Five: Stuff & Nonsense

Randomness is my name! This is mostly ‘housekeeping’ kinda stuff: 1) Amazingly enough I have been a productive Kaz this past week. First of all, I’ve sent out pretty much all the books I’ve owed people for weeks (*cough*months*cough*). The … Continue reading

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Moth Revisions: T minus 6 days

(Quick website update: You might have noticed some changes around here – I haven’t had time to do everything I wanted to, yet, but at least I’m up and running again! Thanks for your patience.) Things have been a little … Continue reading

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Website Under (Re)construction…

Just fixing the place up a bit… Should be back to normal next week.

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Spring Cleaning

You might have noticed a few changes around these here parts, and that’s going to continue for a while as I tweak and fiddle with my new website theme. I needed something that would allow me to use drop-down menus … Continue reading

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Monday Mutterings

I have so much I want to blog about, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t really have the energy for a ‘real’ post, so you might get some bits and pieces all week. 😉 Today’s randomness includes… … Continue reading

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