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First of all, check it out. The Iron Witch finally has a German cover:

(Click to embiggen.)

Here it is on, publication date 12 October 2012, which is sort of surreal. But very, very cool. I’m guessing that the subtitle translates as ‘The Girl with the Magical Tattoos’ which I absolutely LOVE. Anyone who knows anything about the genesis of this trilogy, knows it was partly inspired by The Handless Maiden folklore. I just like that the word ‘maiden’ is in the title, albeit in German.

The more I think about it, the more it looks like Donna has been ‘sharpied’ by Maggie Stiefvater. 😉

Anyway… What else has been going on? Well, I’ve been sending out the Xan short story as fast as I can, but to be honest I didn’t think the demand would be quite as constant. Which is fab! Thank you, all. 🙂 Please be patient with me as I try to catch up on yesterday’s sign-ups. Of course, a spanner got thrown in the works when I just opened up my newsletter service’s website to find that they’ve totally updated and changed the layout. I suppose it looks nice, but I had just gotten used to the previous system, and now it’s left me uncertain as to how many people I still need to send The Lost Boy to.

But I shall figure it out! Just hang in there in case I have to mail out a super-huge batch of stories tomorrow. Oh! And thanks for the lovely feedback I’ve received so far. It means a lot because I’m giving this story away for nothing, so to hear whether or not you liked it makes me smile.

In other news, I’ve added a page on the website for the forthcoming YA charity anthology, Two and Twenty Dark Tales. I’m really proud of my story, ‘One for Sorrow,’ and I’ll definitely be adding more info when I can. It’s looking a little bare at the moment…

And I only just realised that it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon!

I’m currently working on the first draft of the second Moth book, but it’s early days yet. As in, I don’t even have a title. I’ve been moaning talking about this a lot on Twitter because I hate writing without a title. It really does feel like writing without a net, to me. I need a title before I can find the right words. At least, before I can truly find my way into a story. Hopefully, the perfect title will hit me over the head soon.

That’s all I got for now. Have a great weekend!

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The Lost Boy – cover!


So, I am just about to go out for an early birthday meal with my family, but I had to make a drive-by post about this.

Thanks to the utterly brilliant Patrick Samphire at 50 Seconds North, I have a beautiful cover to show you for the FREE Xan short story that I’ll be sending out to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter. (If you want to join up, just put your email address into the form in the sidebar).

Patrick produced this super quickly for me and was awesome to work with – I highly recommend his design work! Do check out his company’s link above.

‘The Lost Boy’ may start going out to subscribers on Sunday now, as I think I bit off a little more than I can chew with this – especially as I’m travelling around for my birthday (tomorrow) and consequently doing everything on my iPad! 🙂

More soon…

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Newsletter Sign-Up now open!

You can now sign up for my monthly(ish) newsletter. Remember, as a thank you I’ll be sending out the Xan short story, ‘The Lost Boy,’ to all new subscribers for the first couple of months. I won’t begin sending out stories at least until this coming weekend (Friday, June 15th onwards).

More info in the previous blog post. You can sign up in the sidebar of the website.

Happy Monday! 🙂

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The Lost Boy

So, because things have been a bit disappointing around these parts lately, especially with my trip to New York/BEA having to be cancelled, I decided that I needed to give something away to my lovely readers.

But what to give?

I thought about it, and chatted with Agent M, and here’s what I’m going to do:

Remember that short story of mine, ‘The Lost Boy,’ that was supposed to be published in the WICKED PRETTY THINGS anthology last year? I withdrew my story (along with many of the other authors) and the anthology was eventually cancelled. But that left me with an unpublished Xan short – a prequel story, set before THE IRON WITCH. It’s written from Xan’s POV (point of view) and also features Ivy, who we met in THE WOOD QUEEN. I’ve looked into various publication options, everything from selling it as a super cheap eStory, to seeing if it can be included in the back of THE STONE DEMON as an extra.

But ultimately, what I really want to do is just give it away to those who love the series – and of course to anyone else who might like to read it. As it’s a prequel story, it isn’t particularly spoilery, though of course you do get some pretty major insight into a certain Mr. Alexander ‘Xan’ Grayson.

Also, it’s my birthday next week, so what better time to give away a free story?

There will be a catch, though… Hey, if you’re going to get 7,000 words of Xan-awesomeness from me, I should be able to ask for one little thing, right? 😉 I’m going to set up a monthly Kaz email newsletter, and the way to get your free reading copy of ‘The Lost Boy’ will be to simply sign up for the newsletter. So, I get your email address in exchange for the story, but I will of course promise never to share it and you’ll get a monthly (or even just every couple of months) newsletter with exclusive updates and info about my writing and forthcoming publications. There will also be more freebies in the future, so it’s worth staying signed up – though unsubscribing will be as easy as the click of a button.

The Big Birthday Giveaway will start on Monday (June 11th), and you’ll be able to sign up for my newsletter anytime from then onward. The short story will start going out to subscribers on my birthday: Friday, June 15th. After a couple of months, I will put ‘The Lost Boy’ up here on the website for everybody, but if you want to read it before then… you know what to do! 🙂

See you next week!

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BEA ~ sad news

I know some people have already seen this, but I’m very sorry to say I won’t be flying out to New York for Book Expo America next week, after all. I really wish I could be there to hang out with my agent, publisher and readers. I was looking forward to going to NYC for the first time! I totally wanted to get my hands on some exciting ARCs from the show, too.

Everything is okay (sort of), so don’t worry! It’s just a mixture of those two very vague and irritating terms that people use at times like these: “personal reasons/health issues”. That pretty much covers everything, doesn’t it?

Seriously, thanks for your concern and I really hope to make it out to BEA another time. Or even just to New York itself. That would be cool. But right now I’m going to take a few days off (well, I’m going to try) because I’ve overdone it a bit, lately.

Instead, I’ll be watching a lot of this:

The French Open! I would have missed it (which of course would have been fine, considering what an awesome thing I was supposed to be doing next week), but I really love tennis. And I especially love Rafa the French Open. 😉

And reading these two new releases I just bought to comfort myself:

NIGHTSHIFTED by Cassie Alexander (Adult UF. I love this cover!)

SILENCE by Michelle Sagara (I think this is Michelle’s first YA. I’ve heard good things.)

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