The Eternal Kiss

Eternal Kiss (Australia)

‘Falling to Ash’

Introducing teenage vampire, Marie ‘Moth’ O’Neal. In ‘Falling to Ash’, Moth is sent by Theo (her Maker) to retrieve the ashes of a powerful master vampire. The catch? The funeral urn is currently being kept in the apartment of a vampire hunter with a notoriously high success rate. But when Moth comes face-to-face with the hunter’s young son, Jace, who will come out on top?


This anthology is full of high-quality fiction that mixes some well-established authors of vampire stories with some new ones … Particularly noteworthy are Sarah Rees Brennan’s “Undead Is Very Hot Right Now,” Karen Mahoney’s “Falling to Ash,” and Holly Black’s “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown”…
School Library Journal

Honestly, Falling to Ash is the perfect setup for a new YA series and I’m really eager to find out if there is going to be more of Moth later on. The connection she has with her family is dyfunctional enough to be entertaining; her relationship with her sire/maker is vague enough that I get the feeling there’s more to that story and I would love to know what it is; and the introduction of a vampire hunter’s progeny, Jace, allows for a lot of teenage turmoil in the future. Maybe I’m hoping and wishing there’ll be more of Moth and her friends later on, but isn’t that the point of a short story? To get you intrigued enough to pick up a full length novel?
Literary Escapism

UK debut author, Karen Mahoney’s Falling to Ash commentates on protagonist Moth’s daddy (and sire) issues but throws in some considerable URST with a mission involving some ashes and a vampire hunter. In some respects it is a warped take on an interrogation scene but instead of violence, it’s heavy on the oomph – you know, an oxygen sucking, heart pounding, toe curling scene that satisfies?
Persnickety Snark

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