Hunting the Dark ~ update

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A quick update for now, but at least it’s looking like good news… Here is the direct link to buy the HUNTING THE DARK ebook from Amazon in North America:

If anyone has any problems with this, do let me know. I’m still doing some investigation into issues with searching for the title, but at least we know it’s there. :)

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11 Responses to Hunting the Dark ~ update

  1. Jesse McClusky says:

    Yay! *snag*

  2. Maliha says:

    So…I read Hunting the Dark and it was really good!! Jace is so sweet 😀

    But I want to know who he stayed with in Southie… surely not a female? Someone that will try to push them apart in the next one? Speaking of which…when’s the next book coming out?! Will it be the last one in the series?? I want it now…pretty please

    • Kaz says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for letting me know. :)

      As things stand, there is no third book planned – which is why I tried my best to sort of tie things up nicely for Moth at the end of this chapter of her life. Of course, there are TONS more stories I COULD tell about her, so we’ll see… Maybe if lots of readers want more I will write more. I do have a free story in mind, a long ‘short’ story or novella kind of thing.

      • Maliha says:

        I could bake you chocolate chip cookies for wrapping up your stories with good endings and not playing with our emotions! Hmmm I would love to read more about Moth in any form of book, be it short or long. And since short stories would come out faster, I really like those. I’m sure lots of readers do want more and more (greedy little readers, I tell you)

        • Kaz says:

          Well, I love chocolate chip cookies… :) Also, I’m very glad you appreciate that I try not to torture my readers toooo much. 😉

          Hopefully we have not seen the last of Moth. Thanks again for commenting,


  3. Cory says:

    i can not WAIT for the next one. i realy hope Moth tells her older sister about being a vampire. dealing with family drama on being a vampire is why i read these so i can not wait to see how moth handles living at home again!

    • Kaz says:

      As I said to the commenter above, sadly there is no third book planned with my publisher. However! I haven’t entirely ruled out writing more by myself, so we’ll see what kind of response Hunting the Dark gets from readers. I tried my best to tie it up with a neat sort of ending at this stage. If not a ‘happily ever after’ then at least a ‘happy for now’. I agree that it would be fun to see more of Moth living back home with her sisters again… :)

      • cory says:

        Omg this series feals like it is just getting started. Don’t end it now.

        • Kaz says:

          Don’t give up hope! I genuinely still love Moth, and will do my best to return to her at some point.

          • Cory says:

            please do it! I love Moth and can not wait to see how her older sister takes the news! you ended the second book right at one of my favorite parts!

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