HUNTING THE DARK – out today!

Happy New Year to you!

I’m pleased to say that Hunting the Dark, Moth’s second full-length adventure, is finally available as an ebook:

HTD web

You’ll be able to find it in most countries, but I’m sorry to say that I might have misunderstood the situation re. North America. At the moment, it’s looking like Hunting the Dark is NOT available in the US. However, I’m not giving up hope and will be looking into it as soon as offices open again for business next week. I was under the impression that it would at least be available through Amazon (like Falling to Ash is), but so far it’s not listed. I tend to forget that Falling to Ash was originally only sold to the UK, with an international (inc. US) edition made available much later on – in early 2014. Of course, all of this is out of my hands but I’ll do what I can to clarify. I’m sorry for any disappointment caused to readers in North America. I know you guys love Moth, too!

More news as I have it, but for now I hope those who can get the book enjoy the many scrapes Moth gets into! 🙂

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5 Responses to HUNTING THE DARK – out today!

  1. Cory says:

    im in NA and iv been very let down that the second book is not available to me. this type of red tape is BS. i love books like moth where a average girl gets thrust into life as a vampire but has to try and hide it from friends and family and the world. moth has alot of what i look for and they are kinda hard to find. atleast hard to find in a manor that i can stand lol. please get us a update ASAP. i want to give you my money as soon as possible.

    • Kaz says:

      Hi Cory, first of all sorry for my late response. Secondly! I have been trying to figure out this frustrating situation and – if you haven’t seen for yourself already (because I was so late to reply) – it DOES now look like Hunting the Dark is available in NA. Here is a direct link to the Kindle edition. I don’t think it will be available more widely in the USA (i.e. other platforms):

      I’m still waiting on more info because of some issues with searching for the book on Amazon, but at least it *is* up there.

      Cheers and all the best,

  2. Cory says:

    Thank you for the reply! honestly i was just venting. ill run over and grab the kindle edition but as soon as you can get it on nook let us know!

  3. Emily says:

    Ive been waiting to read this for years now. Please please please make it available for everyone. Australia cant get this book and I so desperately want to read it as the end of falling to ash wasnt satisfying!! I need more jace and moth please!!

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