The Silver Fey ~ Artwork!

I will let this beautiful illustration by Sally Jane Thompson speak for itself…


The Silver Fey ~ Image © Sally Jane Thompson

(You can, of course, click to embiggen!)

This is just unbelievably perfect. *happy sigh* I know we all see characters in books differently – and even I, as the author, have trouble visualizing them sometimes. I think more in terms of character emotions than character visuals. But this is just right! That’s Donna and Xan in the realm of Faerie. There’s a new faery character standing on Xan’s shoulder… She might be a little grumpy to see Donna after having Xan to herself for a while. 😉

So! The story is coming, but probably next week now. I need to give people reading time, and then I have to edit. I want it to be the best it can be, and after I had so many kind comments telling me not to rush – well, I’m going to take you up on that. ‘The Silver Fey’ will definitely go live next week, though. Not sure which day yet, so I’ll keep you updated. And maybe share a teaser or two.


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  1. Civicis oti says:

    Nice piece of art 🙂

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