The Silver Fey ~ coming soon…


A quick holiday update! Due to a miscalculation on my part (i.e. a couple of important people need to read The Silver Fey before I can put it online – and they won’t be available until 6th January), there will be a few extra days to wait until I can post the new story. I am sorry for the delay.

But! I’m not making you wait a whole week – The Silver Fey will be live on Friday, 10th January 2014. Not much longer. πŸ™‚

I mentioned on Facebook how excited I am that I commissioned Sally Jane Thompson to provide a beautiful illustration, so what I’ll probably do is post that earlier than the 10th as a placeholder. I could even put up a teaser/snippet mid-week… so we can have a sort of ‘countdown’ to The Silver Fey throughout next week until Friday, 10th Jan. It does also give me a couple of extra days to fiddle with my website and decide where the story is actually going to go.

Hope that’s okay! The story is almost written and I think hope you’ll like it… Look out for the illustration on Monday.


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5 Responses to The Silver Fey ~ coming soon…

  1. Stephanie D. says:

    Yeaaa I can be patient!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m so excited for it, but I suppose I can wait a little longer πŸ˜‰ Thanks for wriying it!

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