Still Learning & an Iron Witch story

In my last post I talked about where I’m at with writing, and what I am currently working on…

As an update to that, it looks like I’m still learning an important lesson: sometimes projects just need more ‘simmering’ time. *sigh*

Right now I have four or five projects actively simmering – I had to put them back on the stove for a while, but I know that Important Stuff is Happening and I will (all being well) eventually write them. ‘Rose’ has, once again, returned to the stove. I’ve written a total of 14,000 words, and cut something like 9,000 of them. The remaining 5K I am guarding with my life! πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I pulled something else back out: I am tinkering with an adult urban fantasy that I first started developing back in 2009. At the time, I only had a premise and a few characters – along with maybe three chapters written – but that, too, needed more space to develop. Earlier this year I looked at it again and decided to more or less start from scratch, only keeping the main character. I liked her a lot and thought she had a future. Then I shoved the project back onto the Idea Stove for a bit longer.

That’s the one I’m working on for a while. ‘Rose’ is simmering nicely, another project (codename: Riley) is also bubbling away; there’s a middle grade idea I’ve discussed with Agent M before, but I don’t really want to write MG at this stage. That means it’s the adult UF, and I’ve already written a whole new first chapter. It has a title, but I’m not sharing at the moment. I’ll have to think up a codename…

So it’s back to the word mines I go, always learning about myself and my creative process – which is exactly the way it should be.

Quick IRON WITCH update:

Just to let you know, I will definitely be posting a Christmas short story (free!) on this site by the end of the year. Yes, I’m also working on that. It’s so much fun to be thinking about Donna and Navin and Xan again, although this story does focus more on Donna and Xan – several months after the events of The Stone Demon. Spoiler alert: there might be some kissing. πŸ˜‰

(Okay, that’s actually from The Princess Bride.)

I’ve already heard some people talking about the free story online (which is cool, I LOVE that you’re excited!) and referring to it as “a novella.” Just to avoid any confusion – or potential disappointment – it is not a novella. I won’t be able to write that much. It will be a short story, but not too short. Maybe somewhere between 7-10,000 words long. More info as I have it!

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6 Responses to Still Learning & an Iron Witch story

  1. Civicis oti says:

    @ stories simmering
    That made me smile. I have just come out of a similar situation in which i just had to shelve a story (really struggled on) i was working on for a couple weeks. Finished typing the last two words, ‘the end’, only yesterday. Gosh oh gosh was it a good feeling.
    Now i can get onto other projects. I think virtually every writer always has a couple stories simmering at any time t πŸ™‚

    • Kaz says:

      Thank you for commenting! I love the idea of stories simmering – it feels like just the right metaphor. πŸ™‚

      Congrats for finishing the story YOU were having a struggle with. That’s great news!

  2. MJ Thomas says:

    Excellent post! It was refreshing to see some similarities in our processes (though yours is far more refined.) It’s weird, but I do my best writing on airplanes – window seat. I have a few notebooks filled with starts and stops. I think I just need an around the world trip to complete one of them. I look forward to the X-Mas short. Best regards Kaz!

    • Kaz says:

      I don’t think my process is refined at all! lol. πŸ™‚

      I like starts and stops, because if you start and stop enough times you’ll eventually reach The End.


  3. black rose says:

    sorry I don’t like to leave my real name. but the books in the iron witch series I read them there really good books Karen your a grate writer. and I intend on reading more of your books in the future

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