SpringKazNo: FINAL Check-in

I thought we should have the ‘logo’ extra big, just to celebrate the fact that it is DONE!! We finished #SpringKazNo and today (1st May) is the start of a new month.


How did you get on? Did you reach your goals? Did you have to change your goals – and did you then reach those new goals?

Even if you didn’t hit the target you set, are you HAPPY with what progress you did make? That’s one of the most important things.

And if you’re unhappy with what you got done – for any reason – it’s important to remember that you tried, and that is the most important thing of all.

For me, I had to change my goal early on when I got editorial notes for my big overhaul of The Stone Demon. I hoped to finish the whole thing in three weeks, but just about ran out of time. I know I’ll be finished on Sunday, though, and am handing this baby in to Editor B. on Monday. I probably got to almost 90% of the way through the manuscript, which I’m considering a WIN. ๐Ÿ™‚

What about you?

Oh, and thank you for joining me! We’ll do something else like this again, I’m sure.

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16 Responses to SpringKazNo: FINAL Check-in

  1. Sarah (Essjay) Bryars says:

    Wow, 90% there in a month sounds pretty impressive to me!

    I’m happy, got the first draft of TWM done and 50k down. It needs a lot of work but the bare bones of the story are there. Am now going to collapse in a corner ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Kaz says:

      That’s fantastic! Well done on getting so much of the draft down on paper. You did a real NaNo pace, too. Fabulous!!


  2. I completely failed in my goal of 15k, coming in at a mere 6k. Though I’m still happy with what I accomplished, the only sad fact is now that classes are ending, I’ll be even more lazy when it comes to writing. I just can’t seem to put down the books and video games.

    On an unrelated note, I believe I saw Ms Kaz Mahoney listed on the BEA list. Is this true?

    • Kaz says:

      Think of it more positively. You did not fail to reach your goal of 15k… you ACHIEVED 6k new words! So there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well done.

      That rumour about Ms Kaz Mahoney could INDEED be true. heh.


  3. Jason says:

    Well, as you know I set myself a target of 30,000 words for the month, and although I only got just over 23,000, I’m pretty pleased with that.
    The last three nights I kind of neglected the story in favour of blogging for the first time in my life! Actually, it’s very addictive AND fun. On the plus side I did write several words in this respect, so it sort of counts I guess.

  4. Sara Walker says:

    Congrats on your 90%! Win!

    I got 29,151 words on the new urban fantasy. Total win by itself, but I also:
    – started a new YA
    – wrote a short story (that I hate)
    – and numerous articles and reviews at urbanfantasyland.wordpress.com

    I have no idea how many words that adds up to, but it was a good month.

    • Kaz says:

      Wow… Dude. That’s pretty amazing. You’ve had an OUTSTANDING month, well done!!

      Thanks for taking part. Also, I’m really glad you’re blogging again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Serena says:

    Congrats on the 90%, that’s a lot of writing, and congrats to everyone else too ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did reach my goal so I’m beyond happy. A got 15,577 on a goal of 15,000 so Yay! I finsihed my short story, which turned out to be way longer than I thought it would. I’m just happy I finished it, (though I’m not looking forward to revisions/shortening it).
    KazNo was amazing and I’m so glad I did it and I know that I’ll be able to do the same next month, though it will be hard without all your encouragement. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Isabel says:

    3,630 is my word total for April. I got some work done on my book and I also polished up an old short story as well as writing a completely new one! Although my word count isn’t a lot, I think I made good progress because now I feel much more comfortable writing short stories, something I never used to do, and I also tried out a totally new genre, and found that I really enjoyed writing it!

    Congratulations to everyone else! You all worked so hard. (You too, Kaz!)

  7. music_lover3 says:

    Wasn’t able to write every day like I had hoped, but I made progress on my rewrite so I’m counting that as a win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Paris says:

    Great job Kaz!

    I did not get a win on either my original 60k goal or my revised 50k/or the end of the story goal. This last week I let myself get sidetracked by a really lame writer’s block. I know how to get past these blocks, but I always tend to let them ride me for a few days before I move on. It’s stupid and a pattern I’m really trying to stop.

    On the bright side, I did start a blog schedule that I’ve more or less stuck with. Although I haven’t blogged consistently on the correct days (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday), I have blogged three times each week since I decided I had to stick with it which is a huge accomplishment for me. I have no doubt that I will continue my blog schedule and reach my new goal of finishing the zero draft of my WIP before the middle of May.

    Thanks for hosting KazNo again Kaz! I really enjoy doing this with a group of supportive, like minded people. Congratulations to those that made their goals and great job to everyone who stuck with writing even if what you ended up with wasn’t what you had planned for.

  9. Congratulations on your 90%, Kaz, and to everyone else for excellent word counts and productivity!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling blocked, Paris, but well done on your new blog schedule – that’s briliant!
    I didn’t have as good a month on the new (zero draft) project. To be honest, I think I need to let it percolate in my brain a bit more.
    I did work on an existing project and a new short story, though, so all-in-all I got about 20,000 words done. Plus, I’ve been pretty good at updating my blog (which is something I’m trying to get better at). Overall, I’m pleased, but I need to put productivity tips into practise rather than spending my time reading/blogging about them ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well done everyone and thanks again to Kaz for running the challenge!

  10. Hooray on everything you accomplished, Kaz!

    I hit my freelance goal and even surpassed it, but I didn’t get as far on my own WIP as I’d hoped – I was sidetracked by school holidays and health issues (both mine and my son’s). On the other hand, I should be able to make up for the lost time on my WIP in the next couple of weeks…so I’m still feeling pretty good about it despite not hitting my official KazNo goal on April 30th.

  11. Rose says:

    Glad to hear everybody was doing great!

    Well, I’ve already shared with you I’ve completed my goal. After some long and word-less months, I achieved 15k. Now I’m taking a rest for a few days and then- going to keep writing.
    This challenge has been the best thing that happened to my story. I totally needed it! (:

  12. Woah, everyone was really productive! Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve written only about 3400 new words instead of the 15k I had aimed for, but at least I got 25% through my first round of novel revision. Oh and I wrote a few poems. It’s been a really busy month as far as university and work went, so I just felt unmotivated or tired when I would have had the time to write. I also wrote 2 poems that I actually like on May 1, which isn’t technically part of KazNo, but still. It made me feel good ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll go back to more busy and serious writing after the end of May, when I’m done with my university courses and can finally breathe again.

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