Friday Five: Stuff & Nonsense

Randomness is my name! This is mostly ‘housekeeping’ kinda stuff:

1) Amazingly enough I have been a productive Kaz this past week. First of all, I’ve sent out pretty much all the books I’ve owed people for weeks (*cough*months*cough*). The Post Office hates me and I’m broke, but you should look out for a parcel during the next week. Huzzah!

2) For those who have asked me about bookplates, you’ll notice that I took that link off my website for now because I got so behind. I did catch up and send out a batch, but then ran out of bookplates and my usual place stopped doing them. *sigh* I’ve been looking for a replacement that doesn’t cost a fortune (but I believe in sending out quality stuff and only want to produce personalised/Iron Witch bookplates), so I’m not sure what to do now… I do have some brand new stickers – gorgeous ones! – so maybe I’ll send some of those to the people who have already asked me for bookplates. Sadly I don’t think I can sign the stickers, but they are pretty cool. Or maybe I can sign them… It’s just that it will cover up the awesome image.

Hmm… I’ll have to think about this some more, but I promise I haven’t forgotten you all. I won’t be taking any more requests for bookplates or stickers for a while, though. At least, not until I’ve got everything sorted out and up-to-date. Thanks for understanding! I’ll put the link back up when I can.

3) As I said on Twitter re. last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries: HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN!

I promise not to put spoilers here – so please don’t write them in comments because I’ll have to (sob!) delete them. But we can talk in vague terms, right? I think that TVD’s return after yet another hiatus (why so many this season?) was totally worth the wait. I enjoyed all the storylines in this one and there are a couple of scenes I might have watched twice… or three times… *shifty eyes*

4) I’m still plugging away on The Stone Demon rewrite and should be handing it in the week after next. Then, it’s straight onto writing Moth’s second book. I’ve written notes and some bits and pieces, but I need to put all that together and crank out another 50K or so. There will also be copy-edits on Falling to Ash in May, so I continue to be as busy as usual. Which, as I keep saying, I am grateful for! Sometimes, when I’m working on a Saturday night (*woe*) or writing/editing while at my mum’s, supposedly visiting, but really just taking my work along with me wherever I go, I admit that I get a little tired. But I took on a lot of work for 2012, and that work is allowing me to write full-time, so there is nothing to do but to get on with it. Which I am. 🙂

5) I have some news to share but am waiting for the go-ahead before I open my mouth. I can’t wait to tell you! It’s not selling a book or anything like that. (When would I have had the time to write another one?!) But it’s still cool. Hopefully I can share soon!

See you at the end of the day tomorrow for the next #SpringKazNo check-in. I actually replied to everybody who commented last week. If you felt in need of a pep talk, hopefully you’ll find it there in the comments.

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4 Responses to Friday Five: Stuff & Nonsense

  1. Isabel says:

    Nice job being so productive. 🙂 Hopefully sometime soon you’ll be able to take a little break since you’ve been working so hard!

  2. music_lover3 says:

    Re Vampire Diaries: I know! Last night’s episode was fantastic! I feel like I’m always surprised by most every episode, which is awesome.

  3. Tricia Sullivan (@trishsullivan68) says:

    Random Kaz is random! I am excited about your news, and hope to hear it from your actual mouth very soon!

  4. I did! I did! Thank you SO much! Also, well done on the Getting Things Done. I’m going to try that this week…

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