What I did on Saturday

Here are a couple of photographs from my day off on Saturday:

Liz (Scarlet Witch) & me
Scarlet Witch & Valkyrie

Liz and Clair both work at my friendly neighborhood comic shop, Orbital Comics.

Domino, Deadpool, Thing & Kingpin

I also met this guy:

Stan 'The Man' Lee

If you don’t know who Stan Lee is, shame on you!

You can watch videos of Stan in action here at Geek Syndicate. It was an honour to sit in the audience and listen to him speak. It was also a thrill to get my few seconds with The Man himself, just to thank him for the 30 years of joy his characters have given me.



  1. I made a tiny fangirl gasp when I loaded this page. “That’s Scarlet Witch!” and “Oh my gaaah, that’s an awesome Domino!” And you got to talk to Stan Lee!!! What did he smell like? (was that a little creepy?… I bet he smelled like Asgard…)


    1. Haha!! He didn’t smell like Asgard. He smelled like Werther’s Originals. 😉


  2. HOLY CRAP YOU MET STAN LEE?!! *squeals & fangirls* That’s awesome!!
    I would be so beyond honoured to meet him! I would fangirl out so bad!


    1. Ha! I didn’t have time to fangirl out badly because it was a VERY brief “hello” while getting stuff signed. He was lovely, though. (He called me “dear”.)



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