On revising: Falling to Ash

By now, I should have finished with the latest round of revisions on Moth’s book, Falling to Ash.

I have not.

Luckily, my editor is made of awesome and there was a bit of room in the schedule to give me a few more days to get this right. I’m grateful, because to turn in something less than complete is a horrible feeling – even when you know there are still copy-edits/proofs to go, later on in the publishing process.

I am very, very tired. I figured something out today to demonstrate how much work I’ve done in the past 8 days. I have worked solidly (with only breaks for food and, um, other necessary things; plus twitter ‘rewards’ every hour or two for a few minutes) for 14-16 hours per day on each of those 8 days. That’s not an exaggeration.

And I am still not done.

I’m not blogging about this to say: wow, look at me, I am so cool because I can work so hard! Nope. That’s not who I am at all, and most people (I hope!) know that. But this has been a tough week, and I still have more hard work to go – although now I am so glad that I can take Saturday off! (Because I have somewhere cool to go on Saturday, which I’ll blog about early next week when revisions are finally done.)

The reason I am saying all this here is because I realised something very important today, and I needed to remind myself of it somewhere I can return to whenever I need it. Yes, I have worked almost non-stop since Christmas. Yes, the past couple of weeks have been particularly tough. Yes, I had a bad spell of migraines which (*knock on wood*) seem to have calmed down at the moment. Oh, and yes, I had the good fortune to have another book published during the crush of deadlines. Which was so cool! 🙂

All of those things are true, and they all mean I’ve been a Busy Kaz.

But I am so very, very grateful for every part of it. Today, I almost cried because I felt so exhausted, but then I sat down with a cup of tea and did my Facebook chat for Random House, and it went awesomely! Lots of questions, lots of wonderful readers who seem to like what I do. I came away from that humbled, and a little ashamed for feeling sorry for myself earlier.

Yeah, things are crazy – juggling deadlines on multiple (multiple!) projects is something that is going to take me a while to figure out how to handle – but I’m writing and getting my work published, which is the best thing in the world. This is what I was made to do! Even when it’s hard. Even when I’m knackered. Even when I don’t have time to do things with the people I love.

So, yes. I am tired. And I’m still not done with this work.

But I am happy.

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6 Responses to On revising: Falling to Ash

  1. Susie Day says:

    Oh, I know this feeling so well! I seem to have been constantly working to a deadline for the last 12 months (sometimes two at once), and those long long long days when time is running out get so overwhelming. But it’s still the best job in the world. 🙂

    Good luck with the last edits!

    • Kaz says:

      Two at once = yes! I feel your pain.

      And yet, it’s hard not to feel constantly grateful for the struggle, because it means we’re employed. 🙂

  2. *HUGS* Wishing you so much luck with the revisions and also luck finding time to REST as soon as possible.

  3. Isabel says:

    That’s such a great attitude, Karen! Keep going and good luck. 🙂

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