On Being Productive

Lots of writing this past week. I am so happy to have found that place again – the place inside me that shouts, “Yes!” every time I sit down to write. It’s a joyful feeling, and the dark cloud of dread has gone.

Am I tired, after all the words and revisions and rewriting I’ve done?


But am I happy to be creating and producing and not fighting myself?

Oh, hell yeah! 🙂

I promised a few people on Twitter that I’d write a blog post about my recent realisations on writer’s block, fear and resistance – as they apply to me – in the hopes that it might help others. And also so that I can finish figuring that stuff out because I do my best thinking on the page. But I don’t have time for that post right now. I am too busy writing, and it’s wonderful.

I am terribly behind on email and other important things. I have a book coming out next month. My taxes are due at the end of this month (*groan*), but it will all have to wait for just a little longer. My job, when it comes down to it, is to write books.

Which is what I’m doing now, and I have a good feeling that 2012 is going to be my most productive year yet. (Though I hope I didn’t just jinx it!)

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2 Responses to On Being Productive

  1. Melissa Baudler says:

    Well I think its great that your writing is flowing so well for you and I am sure you havent just jinxed yourself. I know that I am more then happy to forego the post abt your writers block ect in exchange for book writing! I love your work you are a very talented lady..thanks for all your hard and dedicated work. It is greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Isabel says:

    So glad the juices are flowing at last! Hopefully you can keep it up. 🙂

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