Winners!! (& TWQ Preview)

Here are the three winners of signed Australian editions of The Wood Queen

The first name pulled from the virtual ‘hat’ (I actually used and an Excel spreadsheet) wins the book plus a $20 Amazon gift card:


And the two ‘runners up’ who just get a signed book are:

Melissa Baudler



Congratulations to all! Please email me with your full name and mailing address: writerkaz AT gmail DOT com

I just wanted to say – sincerely – thanks for all the entries (both here and on Goodreads), Facebook posts, tweets, etc. I promise to run another giveaway soon, and I will also be doing a bit of promo around the interwebs for The Wood Queen, so I’ll make sure to link to those when they go ‘live’. I intend giving away lots of copies of the book over the next month, so stick around. You might get lucky next time!

Oh, and here’s a cool thing:

Flux have put up a widget on their website where you can read the Prologue and first chapter of The Wood Queen a couple of weeks early. Check it out! Be warned: if you still haven’t read the first book, there are spoilers from the very first line…

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7 Responses to Winners!! (& TWQ Preview)

  1. Melissa Baudler says:

    Oh WOW…Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much. I am so excited to see I have won a book and my daughter will be absolutely thrilled 🙂

  2. Isabel says:

    Congrats, winners! Guess you can’t win every time. I’ll be sticking around for future giveaways, though!

  3. michelle says:

    YAY thank you, will be sending an email in a few minutes with my details 😀

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