Is it Thursday already?!

Where did the week go?

First of all, the randomly selected winner of Julie Campbell’s giveaway (ebook of Senior Year Bites) is:

Sarah Painter

Congratulations, Sarah!! Email me ASAP so that I can put you in touch with Julie.

So, on Monday I saw the final Harry Potter film with my mum (we’ve seen them all together, so it felt like the end of a tradition, as well as the end of the story), and I absolutely loved it. Even more than I thought I would, I just… yeah. Loved it. Is this a good time to confess that I actually stopped reading the books after the fourth one? I really should go back and read them all!

I know lots of people who don’t like them, but I’m quite taken with the new(ish) UK editions and might buy the whole set one day. Or maybe I’ll just put them on my Christmas list and make sure I behave myself for the rest of the year… 😉

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14 Responses to Is it Thursday already?!

  1. Isabel says:

    I know, right? The movie was amazing. You should totally read the rest!!! 😀

  2. I recently read all Harry Potter books again (I don’t know how many times I’ve read the series) but it was absolutely worth it!!! New UK covers are great. And of course I absolutely loved the last movie as well. Going to miss it.
    Luckily someone found out DVDs 🙂

  3. Oh read them all! They keep getting better with every installment!

    And I loved the movie, too. It was everything I expected. I may have cried a bit.

    • Kaz says:

      There are just so many books to read! I get genuinely depressed because I can’t read everything that I want to…

      And yes, I cried at the movie. A little bit. 😉

  4. music_lover3 says:

    I loved the last movie! You should definitely read the rest of the books. They get better as they go along and the seventh book was fantastic.

  5. I took my daughter to see HP on Sunday and we both loved it – although it was very emotional, too. She’s 10, so is very passionate/invested in the series… Oh, okay, I might have cried a little bit, too ;o) Also, ‘yay’ and ‘thank you’ re. Julie’s book! Will email you now… Whoop!

    • Kaz says:

      Yes, definitely an emotional experience – even for me and my mum! I can only imagine how your daughter felt. Aww… 🙂

  6. Megha says:

    I’m not going to be watching the movie! 🙁 But I don’t mind, because the books are good enough for me. 🙂

  7. Renee Sweet says:

    *gasp!* You stopped reading at the fourth book!!!!! O.O *is scandalized*

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