My 200th post…

…on this blog, anyway. There are PLENTY more back on my old LiveJournal. (I’m not sure whether to delete those archives or not. I’ve been thinking about it lately, though I’d still keep my LJ account so I can comment on various friends’ journals.)

You’d think I might have something super meaningful to write about today, what with it being the 200th blog post and all that. Sadly, my brain is stuffed full of stuff. Too much damn stuff! 😉 One of those things is something that I think about every so often, and is at least relevant to this entry in general. Blogging. The way I do it; the things I talk about; how sometimes I blog regularly and others I can barely scrape one or two posts together in a week…

I know I’ve said this before, but I really do want to be a more regular blogger. Sure, lots of people are on Twitter now (including me, and I love it there!), but I still like having a space to talk at greater length – more of a ‘true’ online journal. I’m going to try posting 4 days a week for now, and then take it from there. We’ll see if I can do it… I’m currently looking at my schedule as a whole, anyway, and I think I might find it easier to post something in the morning before I settle down to work for the day. It might just be a short entry, but maybe that’ll be better than leaving it all week and then feeling like I have a ton of stuff to say/link to – which can become overwhelming. And then I don’t blog at all. Posting something to start my day could be a good way of clearing my head and preparing to write.

I also need to improve when it comes to replying to comments, sorry I’ve dropped the ball on that lately. I will try to do better!

Finally, a couple of quick links:

Wanted: Writer Seeks Routine is my latest Deadline Dames post, in which I search for ways of increasing productivity and being more focused in my work.

It seems that The Wood Queen is up for pre-order in both the US and UK. Here are the links to (Flux edition) and (Random House edition). The good news is that the publication dates are only a few days apart. Both release at the beginning of February 2012, and with the way some books sneak onto shelves earlier – or become available online a little sooner than the official pub. date – there probably won’t be much difference at all.

P.S. If you’re curious re. number of pages listed on each site, I’d say that the finished book will be closer to the number listed for the US edition: TWQ is definitely longer than The Iron Witch!

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10 Responses to My 200th post…

  1. Dan-Phi says:

    Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were posting about moving over here to do your blogging. 200 posts. And it’s not like the old days when that would have been about a month 🙂

  2. Brenda Hyde says:

    200 posts are amazing– you are so dedicated:) It’s really hard to blog on a regular basis. Sometimes I just stare at the post box, and other times the words just fly out of my head. LOL I know I told you before, but I love the cover of The Wood Queen.

    • Kaz says:

      Brenda, every time you comment here you make me smile. I love hearing from you. 🙂

      I do struggle every now and then, so this 4 days per week thing will be a good way of pushing myself to pick up the blogging habit again. I’m not going to decide WHICH days – just any four I can manage.

      Re. TWQ cover: thanks! I don’t mind if you say it again. heh. I love it too – really glad they tweaked it.

  3. catie james says:

    Congrats on your 200th entry. May I make a plea in favor of keeping your LJ entries and perhaps just f-locking (or completely locking) them up?

    • Kaz says:

      Your plea has been duly noted! 😉

      • Victoria says:

        I second this plea! Selfishly, I’ve found some of your LJ posts very inspiring … but, of course, I can always take a few minutes and go through and take out the super-inspiring-Kaz-tidbits-I-cannot-live-without. So may I amend my plea to say, Pretty please warn us if you do decide to send your LJ archives to the dustbin? 🙂

        • Kaz says:

          Okay, I promise a warning if that DOES happen. 🙂

          I’ll probably leave them for a while, yet. I’m actually really happy to hear that some of it is helpful!

  4. Renee Sweet says:

    I am so with you on the blogging struggle. I find that I’m in the same place lately – some weeks I blog just about everyday, then other weeks I go very quiet. I’m hoping the new day job will help me find a better balance. We’ll see! Good luck with your new blogging routine.

    • Kaz says:

      I’ve seen you blogging quite a bit, lately, even if it’s reviews or linking to other people’s news – so that’s good! 🙂

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