Spring Into Summer (SIS) 50k Writing Challenge

Last year I ran Kaz’s Summer Camp for 3 crazy months, this year I’m both simplifying things and making them more difficult. Let me ‘splain. This year’s fun is the: Spring Into Summer 50k Writing Challenge (or SIS, or SIS50, or whatever). We are basically talking about 50,000 words of fiction or memoir in 50 days. Any writers out there – whether you are published, unpublished, seeking publication, writing for fun, experienced, or just starting out – can join me in this. If a handful of you want to keep me company, that’s great. Lots more? Even better!

Spring Into Summer is a way to give me the push I need to get back to ‘first draft’ writing. I’ve spent so long on edits, revisions, rewriting, page proofs, etc. etc. that I think I’ve forgotten how to write a first draft. For me, that’s actually the fun part! So, whereas on the one hand I shouldn’t really need a push to get started, on the other… because it’s been a long time for me, I thought it might be nice to have a few more people along for the ride. I will be writing a large chunk of The Stone Demon, Book 3 of The Iron Witch trilogy, for my part in the challenge. (Normally, once I get started I can write more than 1k per day, but I might also need to do some revisions on a project during this time.)

Yes, I’m afraid there will be rules for this, but if you want to ‘sign up’ I’ll happily offer some prizes along the way. Probably there will be giveaways at least twice during the 50 days, and I’ll definitely draw a ‘winner’ (with an extra cool prize) from everyone who finishes their 50k successfully.

Spring Into Summer 50k Writing Challenge:

Starts: Friday, May 6 2011
Ends: Friday, June 24 2011 (a few days after the summer solstice)

The aim: 50,000 words in 50 days.

At 1,000 words per day, that’s pretty reasonable if you’re studying or have a day job or kids. Or a combination of all three! You could even take a day or two off occasionally, and make up the words at the weekend (for example).

It doesn’t matter how you get there. i.e. If you want to write 5k per day on 10 days between the above dates, that’s fine. (You’re totally crazy, but that’s fine. *g*) But if you want to challenge yourself to write every day – which I’m going to do – then 1,000 words each day will keep you nicely on schedule. Essentially, it’s a way more gentle NaNoWriMo.

You must be writing first draft fiction* – not revisions/edits, etc. – but you can work on a project that you’ve already started. If you want to write on more than one project, that’s totally allowed. e.g. You have 20k left to go on one project, and then will start a new one and do 30k towards it. Or you could write ten 5,000 word short stories.

*ETA: You can also join in the madness fun if you’re writing a long form of non-fiction, such as memoir. Sorry I didn’t include our memoirists before – total oversight on my part.

Check-in posts: These will be here on the blog every Friday. If you miss a check-in, that’s okay, but try not to miss more than one or two otherwise there’s not much point in signing up, you know?

Other stuff: This is meant to be FUN! Got that? 🙂 So don’t stress about it if you join in and then realise that you can’t follow through. You can drop out any time. Nobody will be mocked or in any way be made to feel bad for anything. Mutual support and encouragement is… encouraged! Feel free to reply to each other in comments and cheer each other on (or cheer each other up). I am the boss of this blog – and therefore of the SIS writing ‘challenge’ – so what I say goes re. comments moderation or giveaway prizes/winners. No correspondence will be entered into. Not even if you try to bribe me with chocolate. (Really! *g*)

I think that’s it. If you want to join me for 50,000 words of fiction in 50 days, leave a comment below saying that you’d like to be signed up! If you want to tell us what project(s) you’ll be working on, that’s cool – but you don’t have to. This Friday, May 6th (the official start of Spring Into Summer), instead of a check-in post there will be a list of names of those taking part. We only have a few days for people to find out about this, so maybe you could let friends know if you think they’d like to try it. If you have questions feel free to put those in comments, but please make it clear whether or not you are also joining – or if it’s just a question. Thanks!

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236 Responses to Spring Into Summer (SIS) 50k Writing Challenge

  1. Summer Camp last year was so good for me that, even though I’ve got deadlines like woah on other projects, I’m in for the fiction this year. Thanks Kaz! (I might wait a week or two to get started…. *g*)

  2. Janell says:

    I’d like to be on your list. I have 25k already on my second book-women’s fiction-and need a boost of accountability to keep plugging away. I am ‘stuck’ and my character’s aren’t cooperating so this might give me the shot of energy I need. Thanks for the babysitting this must involve!

    • Kaz says:

      No worries – I enjoy doing things like this, even though it can be a bit work intensive. 😉

      Thanks for joining, I really hope it helps you to push through the stuck place you’re in.

  3. Joanna says:

    Okay, so after several people gave me a hard time for NOT signing up, I’m signing up. Hopefully noon on May 6th isn’t too late? This should be interesting… 😉

  4. Deb says:

    Hi! I would love to join in. Will be working on a middle grade ghost story!

  5. Deb says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  6. Teigh says:

    Oh, this sounds like a perfect adventure for me! I’d like to sign up.

  7. Craig Smith says:

    I was sent here by @Janigrey and @pbdp

    I’m busy on a first draft of a UF. Already 51k in, but I think another 50k should be enough to finish :).

  8. Zoe Kara says:


    I have managed to add 2k to an abandoned novel, so I’m glad that it has gotten going. Will try rack up more in the coming week!

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