Friday Five: 5 Things You Must Read Online

Aaaand… She’s back! With a Friday Five of Things! You Must Read! Online! Well, you don’t really have to, of course. I just suggest it very strongly. 😉

No, the TWQ rewrite is still not done quite yet, but I am so close I can taste it. I will be working all through the Easter weekend, and hopefully (oh please, for the love of rhinos, let me be finished).

1) Talking of rewriting (see tiny note above), this is one of the best recent(ish) posts on that very subject. It’s by the wonderful Sherwood Smith and is quite appropriately called: Learning to Rewrite

2) This post for the GayYA blogathon by one of my favourite people, Sarah Rees Brennan, is just totally and utterly made of win: All Those Who Default From the Default Will Be Punished (But I Personally Think They Will Be Awesome)

3) And something a bit different from Theodora Goss (who I think I’m developing a bit of an author-crush on): Value Yourself

4) For all those who used to love (as I did) ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, this short story by Kat Howard on the Fantasy Magazine website is pure magic. In fact, even if you’ve never read a CYOA book in your life, you should read this because it’s just so brilliant (and free!): Choose Your Own Adventure

5) And finally, I leave you with the latest issue of Goblin Fruit. Honestly, reading Goblin Fruit (and listening to some of the poetry readings) always makes me feel very happy and… strangely nurtured. Satisfied. I don’t even know if any of that makes sense, but it’s how I feel after I finish each new issue. Try it and see!

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11 Responses to Friday Five: 5 Things You Must Read Online

  1. ThisViewOfMine says:

    Yay, your back.

    Or for the love of elephants? I <3 elephants. Rhinos just dont have that hug-able appeal about them. Nor can you ride them.

    I spent my friday book shopping on amazon!! After saving up on gift cards i was able to get myself a whopping total of 32 books.

    • Isabel says:

      WOAH. Thirty-two? I am sooo jealous. Have fun reading them! It will probably take a few months, though. 😉 And that’s if you have a pretty good amount of free time! 🙂

    • Kaz says:


      Wow… O_O

      Also, I do love elephants. They are very cute. The rhinos thing is something a friend of mine says – I’ve stolen it from her. 😉

      • ThisViewOfMine says:

        Yes, 32. Picking out & buying that many books was like running a marathon. It was exhilarating and satisfying but at the end i was sprend out on the ground exhausted.
        Not that i’ve run a marathon. I’ve just heard that is what it feels like.

        😀 Catch lines, i love them.

  2. trish says:

    Just to say Suzanne & I were talking about you yesterday and we both missed you! Hope those revisions roll over and behave for you soon. Much love!

    Also: Goblin Fruit & Theodora Goss–I couldn’t agree more!!!! (I haven’t looked at the others but thanks for the links)

  3. Isabel says:

    Happy Easter to all! (Even to people who don’t celebrate Easter. Everyone should be able to join in the spirit. :))

    I hope your TWQ revisions wrap up soon, if they haven’t already! Hopefully when you finish you will have some down time to just relax for a few days. 🙂 I got, like, 5 hours of sleep last night because I took a plane back from California, and I’ll have to wake up at around 3:30 in California time tomorrow, to go to school after a week of vacation. *grimace* Definitely gonna get to bed earlier tonight — I’m off to go take a shower!

  4. Neil says:

    Ahh bless the Brennan, long may she sail 🙂 Ooh and Goblin fruit love it.

    BTW I forgot to say that I managed to get a copy of Blood & Flowers by Penny Blubaugh in if you are interested 😉 (there are only 20 left in the world at the mo!!)


  5. Megz says:

    The one about rewriting = ♥ Sometimes you hear the right thing at the wrong time, because you are not ready for it. = ♥ even more.

    Thank you sososomuch for telling me about that post. JUST what I need right now…

    And now I’m off to read the rest!

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