Wonder Woman: Then and Now

So, here’s the thing: I’ve always loved Wonder Woman. Well, okay… ever since I was about 6 years old, anyway. Which is a long time – especially if you know how old I am! 🙂 My first experience with Diana was, of course, the classic TV show starring the beautiful Lynda Carter.

I soon discovered the joys of comic books. My brother and I would go to the local newsagent (back in the days when they actually stocked US superhero comics) where we’d spend all our pocket money on our favourite titles. He started with Batman and soon added Spider-Man to his monthly haul. I started with Wonder Woman, and then branched out into Marvel with Dazzler (don’t judge me), The Avengers and X-Men. The first issue of Wonder Woman I ever bought was the one below – no.272 of the first volume, dated October 1980. Wow, I feel so old:

Reading the stories behind those colourful covers gave me more happiness than I can tell you. I even loved the back-up stories in Wonder Woman. A couple of times it was Wonder Girl (Donna Troy!), but mostly it was Huntress who became another favourite. Back in those days, Huntress was from an alternate Earth and was the daugher of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman… (Shut up, Kaz! You’re geeking out.)

Anyway. The reason I’m talking about this is because lots of people asked me on Twitter the other day what I think of the new costume – the one that has just been revealed as the costume Adrianne Palicki will be wearing in the forthcoming Wonder Woman TV pilot. I think it’s cool that whenever something happens with Wonder Woman, I get asked for my thoughts. It’s like… I have to give my official statement. 😉 There have been many and varying opinions on this Important Matter, especially in the comment sections of blog posts ‘breaking’ the news of the costume.

(Honestly? You know what irritates me about all the debate? So many people have opinions on a costume, and yet they really don’t care about the character. I wonder how many of those who are saying nasty things about it have even bothered to pick up a Wonder Woman comic, let alone buy it… Okay, I admit it: I’m a Wonder Snob! *g*)

You know what, let’s just compare the original TV series costume with the new one:

I actually don’t mind the changes. The costume still embodies the spirit of Wonder Woman, and there are plenty of cool things about it. I’m very glad she’s wearing trousers pants leggings. Heh. I wish they weren’t quite so blue and shiny, but it could be worse. In fact, my biggest issue with the whole thing is the fact that they changed the colour of her boots from red to blue. Um… why? I don’t get that change at all. But the more I look at it (not that I’ve looked at it all that much *cough*), the more I like it.

Funnily enough, I said to someone that the changes I’d make would be to darken the trousers pants leggings, maybe tone down the brightness of the red, and definitely change the boots back to the classic red. In fact, something like Jamie McKelvie’s Wonder Woman for ‘Project Rooftop’ would be awesome:

© All rights reserved by Jamie McKelvie

And then, of course, this happened. Look! Somebody already tweaked the new costume. This is why I love the internet:

Mohammad Haque from Hawk Studios, I salute you!

I could talk about Wonder Woman all day, but I think I’ll just leave you with this:

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23 Responses to Wonder Woman: Then and Now

  1. KB/KT Grant says:

    The WW theme song has to be up there with my other favorite theme song of all time- Greatest American Hero.

    The new WW outfit is very shiny. My foot wouldn’t be able to fit in that.

  2. I have always loved Wonder Woman too but that photo they released looked like a cheap Halloween shop costume ad. I much prefer the tweaked photo you found on the internets! THAT looks so much better!

    (I have to say I prefer the pants to the granny panties on the woman because it just seems much more practical for me. ;))

    • Kaz says:

      I love the way people find things online and then MAKE THEM BETTER.

      (Hee!! I agree. I think it’s way more practical. :))

  3. My feelings match what the above commenter said, “it looks a cheap Halloween shop costume ad.” I think all the shiny is what makes it look fake (as opposed to how all the real superhero costumes look. Oy.). And I bet they changed to color of the boots because the continuous color makes her legs look longer.

    The tweaked photo looks fantastic!

    • Kaz says:

      I hadn’t even thought about that being the reason for the all blue legs and boots. OMG, you’re probably right… *sigh*

      But, yay for the tweaked photo! RED boots. Thank you very much. 😉

  4. Brian Kell says:

    I’m sorry… but the way she’s posing in that picture (the new Wonder Woman), it looks like she’s going to kick my ass with her boobs.

  5. Kate says:

    She has a Sailor Moon style tiara now. Just sayin’.

  6. Isabel says:

    Hehe, wow, I’m shocked — you are an expert!

    I’ve never been a huge fan of comics, but when I was younger I rather enjoyed the Tin-Tin series. Anybody heard of that?

    You have excellent taste — the changes to the costume that you suggested made it SO MUCH BETTER. Hehe =D

    • Kaz says:

      I am a total expert, and I’m glad you noticed! 😉 Heh.

      I used to read a bit of Tin-Tin, but I haven’t done for many (MANY) years. 🙂

      • Isabel says:

        Same — I never liked comics much anyway. Plus, I do believe I have read every Tin-Tin comic in existence more than once. I am fairly certain…

  7. music_lover3 says:

    Oh I loved Huntress!! I never read the comic books but I saw the show and it was fantastic! Sadly it only lasted one season I think.

    • Kaz says:

      You know, I never did watch that TV show. The Birds of Prey one, right? I really should get hold of it, but I used to love the BoP comic so much I was scared they’d ruin it. Hehe… I’ve heard other people say it was good, though, so I should stop being so silly. 😉

  8. Firewolf says:

    Love the darker version. Totally prefer the tights to the bare legs. But hey, it’s wonder woman, she can wear whatever she wants… she’ll kick your ass if you argue with her.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. the_themiscyran says:

    Love your retrospective. Since you know I share the same abiding love for WW. 🙂

    I don’t hate the new look, (from the waist up I think it’s fine) but I really like the tweaked version you found. Much better when it’s darker and not so shiny. And with RED BOOTS. (And pants dark enough that you don’t notice the highly unfortunate seam placement.)

    My bigger problem is that while the new show claims to be a more-serious, “less campy” exploration of her character, the descriptions I’ve read make her sound like career Barbie, and the first episode script reportedly has her complaining about the size of her breasts. Unless they plan to follow that up with a scene where she cuts one one them off to improve her archery skills, it sounds pretty camp to me.

    • Kaz says:

      Thanks so much for commenting – sorry it took me ages to reply. I appreciate you stopping by to be geeky with me. You know… I love WW so much; it’s great to talk to other fans. 🙂

      I agree 100% with the worrying early peeks we got at the script, but I am truly hoping that was either not the real thing, or possibly a VERY early version that has been massively overhauled since.

      With the newly released changes to the costume (Yay!!), I am feeling even more positive about the ‘look’ of the pilot, but of course that’s only the window dressing. They have to get Diana as a character RIGHT, and that’s very hard to do.


  10. Yolanda says:

    Karen, you know I’m a Wonder Woman fan, so I really enjoyed this post.

    I love the tweaked costume, it kicks so much butt. I wish they’d change it to look exactly like that. I don’t like the blue boots at all, why did they have to change them? I also have to admit that I’m a little worried about this pilot. I hope it’s good. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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