BEDJ #8: Saturday Six (Reading Challenges)

(BEDJ is my attempt to blog each day of January to celebrate the release of The Iron Witch)

I missed yesterday’s post! I decided to just ‘fess up and move forward. 😉 I’ll try to do better next week. (Still, 7 days out of the first 8 isn’t bad. *tries to feel positive*)

I don’t normally participate in online reading challenges – at least, not ‘officially’ – but this year I’m going to unofficially take part in a few:

1) My second year of giving a shout out to the POC Reading Challenge. Such a great website and I hope even more people sign up in 2011 than before. I’m contributing to the ‘prizes’ this year, thanks to the lovely Ari giving me the heads up.

2) One of the new-to-me blogs that I’ve fallen in love with is Memory’s Stella Matutina, such a thoughtful review site with a brilliant variety of genres covered. I’m unofficially joining in the Tigana Read-Along. I’m a huge fan of Guy Gavriel Kay‘s Fionavar Tapestry trilogy (having read it three times over the years), but I’ve never read Tigana. This is the perfect opportunity for me to join in with some others, and perhaps post my thoughts about it at the end of April.

3) Again from Memory (as above), I want to try reducing my current TBR pile and buy fewer new books. This is going to be incredibly hard for me, I fully own the fact that I’m a book addict and – more accurately – a book buying addict. I cannot pass a bookshop without going in, and then I can’t leave the store without buying something. This has to change. I have so many books to read already, and it actually causes me anxiety when I think about it. Memory posted the TBR Rules Redux recently, with some helpful tips to get through your TBR pile and buy fewer books. Although this isn’t a ‘reading challenge’ as such (I don’t think it is, anyway), I am inspired to try to buy less and use my Amazon wishlist more. 🙂

I still don't have bookshelves...

For me, one of the biggest problems is the Impulse Buy (specifically, #2 on the second list). I’ll read about a book on a blog, and click the ‘buy’ button before I’ve given it too much thought. Why don’t I just click ‘add to wishlist’ instead? Then I can think about it and not make so many purchases without taking a deep breath and considering whether or not I really want the book. And if I do, well… I need to learn to wait until I can really afford it – and until I have fewer books already piled up.

(Confession: So far this year I’ve already bought one book, which is one book too many. We’re one week in and I already did an impulse-purchase in Waterstone’s. *sigh* I have to work on this.)

4) Friend and blogger Caroline, of the most awesome Portrait of a Woman, is running the Anne McCaffrey Reading Challenge. I am ashamed to admit that I have never read a book by Anne McCaffrey, which is crazy considering how much science fiction and fantasy I’ve read… *shakes head at self* I even own an old copy of Dragonflight, but have yet to read it. I’m going to read three books by Anne McCaffrey this year, and I’ll blog about them when I do – even if it’s just to say that I did it! 🙂

5) Here’s a little ‘challenge’ I set for myself. When my friend Ari from Reading in Color blogged about having the book Kendra by Coe Booth, I realised that I have that too! And of course… still haven’t read it. (Are you sensing a theme here?) So I suggested that when Ari reads it – which will probably be nearer the spring – I will make sure to read it too, so that it doesn’t just sit there with all my other poor, unloved books. 😉

6) Finally, another personal reading goal: I will read all the Charles de Lint books that I own. I have way too many sitting there unread, and that’s just… silly… considering how much I love what little of his I have read. (One of my favourite books is The Blue Girl – you should check it out.) So I suppose I’m doing my very own Charles de Lint ‘reading challenge’ – which should be fun! I’m starting with an old classic of his:

Moonheart will be followed by:

Waifs and Strays
The Mystery of Grace

I have more, but that should be enough to get me started… 😉

* * *

What about you? Taking part in any reading challenges? Have you set yourself reading goals for 2011?

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11 Responses to BEDJ #8: Saturday Six (Reading Challenges)

  1. Cem says:

    My goals are to make my TBR pile smaller and buy fewer books. So far, I’m failing epicly!! Seriously, had 18 new books this week *cracks up* But I’ve realised how freaking stupid it is having 20 books I want to read ‘next’ so now I will actually take this resolution seriously and do something about it. I use amazon wishlists a lot and now have an ‘allowed to buy’ list in addition to my 2011 release lists (YA and adult). Now the trick is to stick to that allowed to buy list…(which has 35 titles on it released between now and the end of September. Um…)

  2. ThisViewOfMine says:

    Oh my. That is some serious reading to get after… My TBR list is under 10 at the moment :/ I mean to change that in the next week or two (I gave my mom my check to put in my account so i can order books; i rarely make it in that direction or i’d do it myself.) I’m hoping she takes care of that sooner rather then later. *laughs* That will still keep it under 20 books.

    I’ve never read Anne McCaffrey or Charles de Lint. The Mystery of Grace is a book I’d like to read though I haven’t looked into anything else of his.

  3. Skarrah says:

    The Tower and the Hive series is McCaffrey’s best work IMO. Way better than her Dragon series. (I think I read just about every Anne McCaffrey book published when I was a teenager. :-P)

    My TBR pile is ridiculously large. Unfortunately, so is my Amazon Wishlist. *sigh* I haven’t bought myself a single book since August! It’s painful, but possible. Lol.

  4. Yay! Thanks for participating in the Challenge (even if unofficially!)
    I should probably do the TBR redux one as well 😉
    Good luck for all the challenges!

  5. Ari says:

    I joined a TBR redux challenge too! I think it’s at a different blog though. I’m trying to read 15 books that I’ve had for over a year and/or have been sent to me as gifts because I just feel guilty for not reading those yet.

    So yes Kendra read will for sure occur in the spring.

    I’ve never heard of Anne McCafferey 🙁

    I have a book buying problem too. For example, I received a giftcard for a large sum of money. I spent more than half ot it on books. Then when I actually needed it for some much-needed clothes, I didn’t have enough to cover it! Books before clothes, food and accessories. That’s the way I roll 😉

  6. Anthea says:

    My favorite books by Anne McCaffrey are the Harper Hall trilogy – Dragonsong, Dragonsinger and Dragon Drums.

    I’m not sure I have any reading goals – maybe not to buy any more books until I’ve read a few, but that’s a tad bit unrealistic. 🙂

  7. Memory says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad to have you on board, even if it’s unofficially. 🙂

  8. Jess says:

    One of my goals is to read 100 books in 2011, which I did in 2009 but fell short this past year. And I’d like 1/3 of them to be debuts–either 2011 books or some of the Tenners books still lurking on my TBR pile. Also, you reminded me that I really want to read The Blue Girl–I’ve had that on my shelf for ages!

  9. Jen says:

    Hee. My TBR pile continues to grow, but I love having shelves of books to choose from when I need something to read. Our local library – very small, very rural – doesn’t have a lot of the sorts of books I like to read, and I tend to pick things to read based on mood, anyway, so I buy as many books as I can afford and then just save them until the time is right. Doesn’t make me feel a bit guilty – just very, very lucky.

    That said, I *have* been trying to read more of the neglected, dusty books at the back of the shelf. Last year I read a bunch of the classics, and this year my goal is to read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I’ve made it through the first part of Henry VI, but good grief… it may take me more than a year to finish the whole volume, because I do want time to read other things, too! 🙂

    (I plan to join the Tigana read along, though, because I love that book and haven’t read it in some time. I would also like to re-read the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett.)

  10. trish says:

    I loved KENDRA! Loved TYRELL even more. You must read it, Kaz! It will take you, like, a couple hours–time well worth spending and it’s a book that grabs and doesn’t let go. Be bold!

    You’ve never read Anne McCaffrey? OMG, OK, well, her stuff reads very outdated now in terms of feminism but I think people don’t always realize that she was one of the very few female writers of popular SF–she broke ground for a whole generation and in the 1970s she was a breath of fresh air. As a kid I grabbed anything I saw of hers. She has some YA material that I must have re-read about 100 times between the age of 15 and 30 (when I lost all my books): ‘Dragonsong’ and especially ‘Dragonsinger’ are my faves. Most of my youthful vocabulary came out of her novels 🙂

    I hope the POC reading challenge is a great success and…um…as far as you buying less books…hmm. That’s a tough one. It sounds like you’ve been very good so far 🙂

    *HUGS* You are doing great with all this blogging!! *cheers wildly*

  11. joanne curran says:

    wow!!!! you have alot of books waiting to go on shelves!!!! HAPPY READING 🙂

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