BEDJ #3: happy smugglivus, everybody!

(BEDJ* is my attempt to blog each day of January to celebrate the release of The Iron Witch)

I am very proud to point you in the direction of today’s post which is part of The Book Smugglers‘ final week of their annual Smugglivus celebrations!

*whispers* There might even be a giveaway for The Iron Witch, too… 😉

*Blog Every Day January

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3 Responses to BEDJ #3: happy smugglivus, everybody!

  1. ThisViewOfMine says:

    I entered. *crosses fingures* Im going to get a copy either way though. I’ve put money aside for after x-mas book buying. *grins*

    I made apple crisp today. *shares*

    *sighs* I didnt even make it for me and here i am the one eating it. Darn sugar… >_> atleast the apples are good for me.

    • Kaz says:

      Aww… You’re cool. But we knew that already. 🙂

      Also: apple crisp sounds lovely! I can’t make anything. I am a cooking and baking disaster.

      • ThisViewOfMine says:

        Now you cant be that bad, or do you have some real horror cooking/baking stories?

        Im turning into a pretty good cook, i think the main reason why is because i enjoy cooking. I dont bake too often because then temptation is there sitting in your kitchen until you, i mean others, eat it. *grins*

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