Friday Extra ~ My Cover Designer Rocks!

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been in touch with the incredible designer who created the cover for The Iron Witch. I was totally blessed by the Cover Gods – that’s what everyone has been saying – but the reality is that I have, in fact, been blessed by the Cover Goddess. 🙂

Lisa Novak designs all sorts of fantastic stuff, including the covers for Flux. Her website includes fascinating glimpses into the work she does and the intricate process behind many covers that might be familiar to you…

Including mine! It has been brilliant to chat with Lisa about her work, and specifically about how she did the design for The Iron Witch. Here on her website, she shows some early (low res) designs for cover alternatives, along with the stock art she used to build the entire thing. See how she changed the elements around so that the originals are almost unrecognisable. Personally, I would never have guessed that the Elixir bottle wasn’t in Donna’s hand from the very beginning. Genius!

Take a look around her site – she has some other cool work on there, not all of it from the YA fiction market. I’m also trying to encourage her to start a design blog, but I’m not sure how successful I’ve been so far. 😉

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6 Responses to Friday Extra ~ My Cover Designer Rocks!

  1. Sandy Wills says:

    Wow. She does awesome work! I LoveLoveLove the cover they ultimately chose for you, but the white one is fabulous, too, even if it reminds me of Christmas. 🙂

    I also love ALL the designs she did for THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO TELL YOU. I’m so envious of her artistic ability! You really are lucky to have such a great designer.

    And, yeah, I would totally read her design blog. 🙂

  2. Firewolf says:

    neat, really really neat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ari says:

    Based on her other designs, you would have been blessed with any of these! I still like your current cover the very best but my 2nd favorite is the 3rd one with the girl looking down.

    Her cover for Ballad is great too. Along with Light Beneath The Ferns and exit Strategy Thanks for linking to her site, I quite enjoyed looking around 🙂

  4. Renee Sweet says:

    That was sooooo cool to look through. She’s really talented. I didn’t realize Vamped was a Flux book as well — I’ve always thought that cover was brilliant.

  5. Carolin says:

    This is pretty awesome. I love to see the different covers as well. 😮

    Also, did you get my email? It’s too late for the meeting up part anyway, since I’m back home already. *g* But I’m just wondering if my email even sent properly.

  6. B Jas says:

    What a beautiful and haunting cover, love the subdued color scheme too — how very exciting! Way to go! Congrats on your success.

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