If only…

I couldn’t resist saying something about the new-look Wonder Woman, after all. I wasn’t going to, but I’ve read Wonder Woman comics since I was about seven… That’s a long time to have the same heroine!

So, this is what we got from Jim Lee:

Read all about the Wonder Woman #600 relaunch at DC Comics: The Source.

Now, if we’re going to head in a more ‘street’ or ‘modern’ direction, I kinda wish we could have this:

This was designed by (the awesome) Jamie McKelvie for Project Rooftop, over four years ago.

Contrary to popular opinion on Twitter (*g*), I’m not totally hating the new look. I like parts of it, but I admit to finding the leggings (SHINY LEGGINGS!!) a bit… yuck. Doesn’t mean I won’t love the new story arc or give it a chance, especially knowing that it’s been written by the incredibly talented J. Michael Straczynski. I used to be a huge Babylon 5 fangirl back in the day, and he’s done some interesting work in comics so far.

I strongly suspect that the ‘reboot’ won’t be a permanent change – these things rarely are (how many times do characters die and come back, for a start?) – though it might be a fun diversion and give Wonder Woman some well deserved attention. Personally, I’m more concerned about the changes to Diana’s origin (I sincerely hope this Elseworlds-style storyline won’t remain permanent), and can live with whatever the creators come up with for her costume… at least for a while. If they get the character right – and I firmly believe that Gail Simone already did that, anyway – then I’ll be along for the ride.

But I still can’t help looking at that McKelvie one-off image and thinking, if only… 😉

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  1. Jen Hayley says:

    Pants! YAY PANTS! 🙂

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