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This is a virtual place for writers to work together and share their writing targets for three months. It will run for June, July and August. We would set our own goals, and those goals will be flexible enough that we can reassess them and change them as the 90 days progress. We would check in over there each week – I will do a check-in post every Tuesday for the entire period – and by the end of August (or on 1st September) we can see if we met our goals. You can break down your goals as much or as little as you want within the 3 months, as long as you’re ultimately aiming for the Big Goals that you set at the start. e.g. “For June, July, August, I’d like to have completed the first draft of my novel. I’m currently at XXX words and it needs to be more like XXXXX words.” Then it’s up to you how you break that down. You might not write anything for a week while you’re on vacation, but you can make up for lost time during the following weeks. Nobody is going to laugh at you or mock you if you don’t get much done one week; just reassess and get back on track as soon as you can.

-The main purpose would be setting an achievable goal, taking into account your life and other commitments. Especially taking into account the fact that it’s summertime and a lot of you will have children at home. But it might be a positive thing to have somewhere to check in all summer with your writing goals and achievements. Why let it all slide and then find that it’s September and you hardly wrote anything?

-You can have more than one goal. e.g. “I want to write a 5,000 word short story, and then revise my MG novel.” Yes, revisions/edits are allowed! Or, “I will write 3 short stories, and then finish the rough draft of my adult fantasy novel.” You don’t have to start a new project, either. It can be something that is already partly written. Whatever works for you is FINE!

-For me, the summer is going to bring more changes. Possibly getting a new part-time job, moving house (for sure, just don’t know when yet) and lots of other things. But among all of that, I have to write. I can’t give up on my dreams – or my deadlines! – because life is going to be hectic throughout June, July, August. So this would be a good way of keeping things in check. I’m not gonna be breaking out the wordmeters, but I’ll just check in with everyone else once a week and see what I can get done.

The sign-up post where you’ll share your goals is here, and I’ll leave that post open until the end of the day Monday, June 7 after which it will explode and camp will be fully underway. Take a look if you’d like to join in – we’d love to see you there. 🙂


p.s. This will be run on my LJ only. I’ll blog about other stuff here as usual, but I figure the LiveJournal community is the perfect place to chat about writing and encourage each other to get our work done during the sometimes tricky summer months. You don’t need a LiveJournal account or a blog, but if you do sign up annonymously please leave your name with your comment.

p.p.s. Pass the word along to anyone who you know might be interested. Thanks!

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