BEDM #26: TIW down under!

(BEDM* is my attempt to blog each day of May – just to see if I can.)

We interrupt the regular Blogging Every Day in May shenanigans for this newsflash… 😉

Dudes! I absolutely PROMISE not to go on and on about any & all foreign rights sales whenever they happen. But… this is the first time for me, and I think it deserves a mention. So, Random House Children’s Books in Australia have bought the rights to The Iron Witch and The Wood Queen!! I have been dying to talk about this, and of course I already blabbed to some friends because I was too excited to completely hold it in. Heh. I am just soooo happy, though! And I’m thankful to the fabulous Agent M and the foreign rights team she works with.

If it wasn’t for the wonderful Adiba Oemar, who has loved my work ever since RH Australia published The Eternal Kiss (with my story, ‘Falling to Ash’ in it), this would never have happened. She has kept a close eye on my progress ever since, and I’m truly grateful to her. TIW had to go through the acqisitions process all over again – this time ‘down under’ – and it was a huge relief when they said “yes!” 🙂

*shares celebratory cupcakes with everyone*

*Blog Every Day May

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43 Responses to BEDM #26: TIW down under!

  1. Adele says:

    Hurrah . . . xxxxxx

  2. Liz says:


    Am so happy, so very pleased and chuffed for you. And congrats. And a huge thanks to Adiba Oemar for being such an eagle eye spotter.

  3. Carolin says:

    OMG! WOOOOHOOO! 😀 Congrats! *hugs and dances* I’m so happy for you.

    Don’t hold back on sharing other sales, *g* It’s well worth a blog post to celebrate such a thing.

    *steals a cupcake*

    • Kaz says:

      *dances with you*

      Isn’t it cool?? I am excited, but I don’t want to be one of THOSE people who list 437 foreign rights deals ever other week. You know? ;P LOL!! Um… not that that’s gonna happen for me and my little book.

      We can dream though, right? 😉

  4. Steph Burgis says:

    That is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! (And PLEASE feel free to brag about any and all foreign rights sales. You’ve earned it!)

  5. renee sweet says:

    Hooray!!!!! And I agree with Steph – you should totally celebrate all foreign rights sales here!!

  6. Oh, my gods, congratulationssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I’m so proud of you, Kaz!

    And yes, always share news like this. It’s huge!!!

    *dances with you*

  7. Irene says:

    OMG! Congrats! 🙂
    Have you got UK rights yet?

    • Kaz says:

      Thank you!!

      No, just US and now Australia. I’d love to sell UK rights (of course!) but that hasn’t happened yet… Maybe one day. *Dreams*

  8. Skarrah says:

    Congratulations! That’s amazing! *big hugs*

  9. Yay!!! Congratulations! That’s awesome news. 😀

  10. Alexandra says:

    HOORAY!!!!!! <3<3

  11. Dan_Phi says:

    Congrats in this one, too 🙂 And thanks for the cupcake, it looks delish.

  12. catie james says:


  13. Tez Miller says:

    Am so happy for you, lass! And so happy for me, too, because I live here in Oz 😉

  14. Cat says:

    Woot! Random House, baby!
    Huge congrats, Kaz. Am VERY happy for you! x

    • Kaz says:

      Dude!! Thanks so much. 🙂

      Also, meeting up soon… for sure! I should be finished with deadline-y stuff Tuesday or so. *sigh*

  15. Yolanda says:

    This is totally awesome, dude. 🙂 I’ll have to make sure that I take a photo of your book in the wild, when it comes out in Oz. Yay! Congrats!

    • Kaz says:

      Eeeeeee!!! That’d be so awesome! 😀

      Thanks, dudette. It’s coming out in Australia in March 2011, I think.

  16. Firewolf says:

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have every right to go on and on about it. That’s so awesome! *mmm cupcakes*

  17. Holly says:

    Huzzah huzzah! That is so much excitement! I can’t wait to read it when it becomes available on the the shiny Australian market! Congrats!

  18. Ailsa says:

    Yay! Congratulations, that’s so exciting! *hugs*

  19. Adiba says:

    This is incredibly exciting! So, So happy!!!

    You would have been published here with or without me, your work is awesome! 🙂

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