BEDM #13: today, I got nothing

(BEDM* is my attempt to blog each day of May – just to see if I can.)

But in the spirit of blogging every day, I thought I’d better at least tell you that I’ve got nothing for you. šŸ˜‰ Tomorrow, I will have plenty. I have some cool recommendations and arty/crafty stuff that I’ve fallen in love with.

Today… um… I know! I met the always lovely Liz de Jager for lunch. She had a cup of hot chocolate that was literally just a cup of melted chocolate. She was very kind and let me dip my croissant into it. Heh. I couldn’t help wishing I hadn’t just fallen into my usual habits and ordered boring coffee…

I bought one book (after getting on the wrong bus and taking an unplanned ‘diversion’), which I think showed admirable self-control. This is what I couldn’t resist:

I think the second book in the series is due out soon (click on the cover to find out more).

Tomorrow, apart from posting a Friday Five, I’ll be mostly offline. I have a looming deadline for my Vampire Diaries essay. With that in mind, I have to leave you with a Gratuitous Damon Picture. The thing I love about him isn’t so much the way he looks – although who can deny he’s a handsome devil – but that he gets all the best lines:

Damon: (imitating Jeremy) Oh, but Sheriff, someone buried her! Who would do that?
Damon: (raising his hand) I know, I know! ME!

*Blog Every Day May

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12 Responses to BEDM #13: today, I got nothing

  1. Firewolf says:

    “I know, I know! Me!” LMAO…

  2. A cup of melted chocolate. Yum. I could have used one of those today. I started off by breaking one of my favorite coffee cups. I ended the day emailing my editor for the non-fiction article I’m writing to say it would not be there tonight but I would get it in tomorrow afternoon. I was so fricking distracted all day I couldn’t get past the first paragraph.

    I know you are going to think I am really lame, but I watched like the first 4 shows of Vampire Diaries and couldn’t get into it. I don’t know why. I just couldn’t. Everyone loves it but me. Maybe I should try again.

    • Kaz says:

      I don’t think you’re lame AT ALL for not being into TVD. Not everyone likes the same things. I *will* say that it is a show that really grows. I’d say between episodes 5 – 7 it becamse unmissable. For me, anyway. Maybe you’ll catch the reruns over the summer! šŸ™‚

  3. Damon. *happy sigh*

    And it’s not JUST his looks or JUST his lines; it’s the way he delivers them. Perfect blend of sarcasm and apathy.

  4. catie james says:

    *snortle* Yeah, that is a wicked cool bit of dialog. šŸ™‚

  5. ThisViewOfMine says:

    Never watched ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Now ‘True Blood’ is a good show!

    Hmm, what do I have today? Well, itā€™s not that great of a story but today my dad and I had what I thought to be a funny conversation. So long conversation short a group of bikers (with their wives ā€“ or gfs ā€“ on the back) were passing us on the highway. As a joke my dad said he could see me on a motorcycle, driving, with my bf sitting in the side car, reading!, – see pic for example of sidecar, – . Now does the idea of that not make you laugh? Well it gave me a pretty good laugh. Then I got thinking though that in a very nerd book-ish romance way that it would be cute. ā€¦ What do you think? Maybe Iā€™m just too much of a nerd.

    • Kaz says:

      True Blood is awesome. I love it!! šŸ™‚

      LOL!!! I adore that story. I don’t think you’re too much of a nerd at all – that is just awesome and perfect. (Then again, I am a total nerd. Hee!)

  6. Carolin says:

    *giggles* Love Damon. Also, your blog is starting to be my go to place to get tempted about buying new books! Badness. Hehe.

    I have the first book of the Wicked series in my TBR pile… but this looks awesome, too!

    • Kaz says:

      I do love to tempt people to buy BOOKS!! šŸ™‚

      If I didn’t write, I would absolutely be a book blogger.

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