Today (the day before tomorrow)

Tomorrow, I start my Great Crazy Blog Experiment – blogging every day for the entire month of May. That’s 31 days, people! My math skillz amaze me… *g*

And how am I preparing for this mammoth task? Am I researching potential blog topics? Reading up on interesting news stories? Writing amusing anecdotes? Planning World Domination(tm)?

No… I am embarking on a huge Vampire Diaries marathon.*

Oh Damon, you are so deliciously evil. Even though you wear way too much blusher, I forgive you.

Of course, watching several back-to-back episodes of The Vampire Diaries isn’t exactly a hardship (especially when it is Genuine Research). What is difficult is shutting out the other stuff that keeps trying to steal away my attention. Real Life doesn’t hold back just when you get busy; I think Real Life is like a ninja on a secret mission to screw up all of our lovely plans.** I’m being very bad with email and other things, and it all just piles up regardless. I’ve hardly even been on Twitter – I know! Crazy, right? 😉

There are some cool things coming up, though, including a special Friday Five interview with debut author Christy Raedeke next week. Her book, Prophecy of Days, looks awesome – I can’t wait to read it! There will be a giveaway, too, because that’s just the way I roll:

On shelves tomorrow!

Okay, I am tired and can see this blog post dissolving into lots of rambling (if it hasn’t done already), so I’ll see you tomorrow for Day #1 of the Experiment…

*For my SmartPop essay which is due… omg! soon!
**John Lennon could tell us a thing or two about that.

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4 Responses to Today (the day before tomorrow)

  1. Harry Markov says:

    You go Kaz. You can do it. Just don’t blog about Vampire Diaries every day, cause I have yet to watch it. I am waiting on the whole season to be over with.

  2. Tricia Sullivan says:

    Kaz, I find it funny that blogging every day has become a challenge…I think of you as Lady Superblogger. (Btw my LJ feed for your blog is called ‘wonderwomankaz’) I am looking forward to May to find out what you get up to!

    It sounds like RL is being very RL right now. *HUGS* And speaking of secret missions, I’m not saying anything to avoid a jinx, but I am hoping my RL and your RL will be, yanno, intersecting SOON….

    • Kaz says:

      I’m not Lady Superblogger these days. *sigh* Though I LOVE the name you gave me for the LJ feed! 🙂

      Yes. RL = Real. Really REAL. As you know. I will see you soon!


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